When do you roast and ship?

Every week on Tuesday and Thursday

Is my Coffee insured while in transit?

Perishable items like roasted coffee are not insured.Idyllic Coffee does not reimburse for non receipt of coffee after 31 days from shipping date, but ships similar or almost similar coffee as replacement for lost package.

Is your coffee sustainably grown?

Idyllic coffee is sourced from small scale coffee farmers. All of our coffee is specialty coffee which means we pay more money to farmers for quality coffee.The ability of small scale coffee farmers to earn more from their work sustain coffee farming.

How is the coffee packaged?

Idyllic Coffee offers and 5oz and 10oz coffee bags. Our bags have one way gas valve to maintain fresh coffee. We only ship Whole Roasted Coffee beans.

Can I return my coffee?

Idyllic Coffee is a small coffee roaster and quality whole roasted coffee beans is our pride. If you’re dissatisfied with the coffee, please return the unused portion at your expense. We will be glad to refund your purchase. Idyllic coffee does not resale any returned coffee.

Where can I find Idyllic Coffee? If you have a favorite shop you buy coffee, write us an email at and we will work hard to have our coffee available at your favorite local store.

Contact and Questions/Comments/Concerns

Please email us at for any questions or concerns regarding our coffee, company, and webstore.